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How to Become Master In Free Mode

Traffic Rider is the best thriller game in the racing category that provides extensive features that can be used free of cost by using our provided mod version from this website. Traffic Rider contains four various challenging game modes including Free Ride, Time Trial, Career, and Endless. Moreover, it also provides a realistic motorbike that can be upgraded to enhance the speed from the garage.

Today, we will tell you about the Free Ride game mode of Traffic Rider where you can ride the motorbike without thinking about the period or mission ends because there is no time limit and no ending point. In the free-ride game mode, players can also increase or decrease the sensitivity of traffic on the road. Anyone can easily remove all types of traffic, we can say this is a type of practice mode.

Features of Free Ride

No Time Limit

When you choose the Free-Ride game mode in the Traffic Rider Mod Apk, you don’t have to worry about time running out. It gives you a cool experience without any time limits. You can speed up your motorbike as much as you want without feeling rushed, earning points and cash as you cruise through the virtual roads. So, get ready for excitement, go faster than 100KPH, and overtake other vehicles for more points.

Set Traffic Density

This is another fantastic feature in Free Ride that is not available in any other mode. With the help of this feature, the player can easily up and down the density of traffic which are running on the road. If users want to accept challenges they will increase the density. Moreover, to practice, decrease the density and ride the bike as fast without thinking about colliding.  

Choose Traffic Way

Free-Ride provides two types of road: one-way and two-way side traffic. The two-way road is more complex and challenging than the one-way track, where the rider faces traffic on both sides. When you play the game in a two-way track, the vehicles come on your way into two sides, and you will get more points and money after playing.

Beautiful Tracks

In this mode, four-game tracks are available with unique features including Highways, Deserts, Winter, and Cities. Each track has beautiful and impressive views around the roads and the player will enjoy the game after playing. You can easily choose anyone where you want to play the game.

Unlimited Gold & Cash

When the player rides their motorbike in Free Ride game mode they have an opportunity to make unlimited gold and cash after decreasing the traffic density because there is no traffic on the way, and they can ride the bike as fast as possible and achieve a high score. This game provides money and gold when the player rides over 100kph for a long time.

Tips to Become Master in Free Ride Mode

Customize the Bikes

Customizing the motorbikes is another important aspect of becoming the best rider and winning difficult missions easily. Users of this game can easily upgrade their motorbike’s speed, brake, color, and handle for a better gaming experience. After upgrading the motorbike, the speed will increase and the player will pass the tough levels.

Don’t Collide

While playing the Traffic Rider game in Free-Ride mode make sure the bike does not collide with other vehicles that are running on the same road otherwise you will die and the game starts again. So, concentrate on the game while playing and ride the motorbike as fast as possible to get a high score.

Concentrate on Game

Free-Ride game mode offers two ways of traffic, by choosing a one-way traffic track, the traffic is just going in the same direction as your motorbike. Two-way tracks are more difficult than others because the traffic comes from both sides and the player saves the bike not colliding with them. The player gets more points and money by playing in a two-way traffic track.

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