How to Skip Mission in Traffic Rider

By playing in the career mode of Traffic Rider, ninety-plus (90) challenging and tough missions are available, taking the entertainment to the next level. By choosing the career mode of this racing game, players will pass all the challenging missions to get money and coins. After passing the mission before time, you will earn $1000; if you pass the stage before twenty seconds, you will earn one gold coin.

Challenging missions make the Traffic Rider game more enjoyable for the player. However, when you are playing the Traffic Rider game with its challenging missions, and you are stuck on a harrowing mission that is unbeatable and wants to skip or pass. We will tell you in this article how to skip or pass the most difficult missions where you are stuck.

How to Skip Mission in Traffic Rider

Update the Game

When you are stuck on a particular mission and want to skip it, update the game to the latest version; sometimes, the developer adds more features or options to pass or skip the challenging missions easily.

Time-Based Options

Some racing games give an opportunity to skip a tough mission after a specific time. So, search for this option from the menu and settings; if it’s available, wait for it.

Explore Menu

After updating the game to the latest version, explore the game’s menu and search for the skipping option.

Spend Gold Coins and Cash

When you fail again and again on any mission, spend the coins and money to get another chance on a specific mission. Traffic Riders allows users to skip any challenging mission by spending twenty (20) gold coins.

Watch Ads

Some games allow users to skip any specific mission after watching the ads; if this feature is available, try it.

How to Pass Difficult Missions in Traffic Rider

  • Focus on the Game: Always focus on the road while riding the bike.
  • Practice: Spend more time practicing the specific mission. More practice makes the man perfect, and you will pass the most difficult stages easily after training.
  • Upgrade Your Bike: Ensure the bike is upgraded to handle the mission. Upgrading the motorcycle can improve its speed, handling, and braking, making it easy to complete missions.
  • Spend Gold Coins and Cash: When you fail again and again on any mission, spend the coins and money to get another chance on a specific mission.
  • Take Breaks: If you’re stuck on a specific mission, sometimes taking a break and coming back with a fresh mind can make a big difference.

Benefits of Mission Skipping

  • Allowing mission skipping can ease this frustration, making the game more enjoyable. 
  • Skipping missions can inspire players to explore more stages or levels of the game.
  • With the skipping mission, players can avoid getting stuck on any mission and go on the other missions.
  • Allowing mission skipping can keep them engaged and inspired to continue playing the game.
  • Allowing mission skipping can make the game more accessible to many players.

No, you don’t need to pay real money; you will pay virtual game currencies to skip specific missions.

You can earn rewards by playing and winning the game in different missions after skipping.

Try to pass all missions; however, there is no limit to skipping the mission. Earn gold coins and skip the missions you want.


In conclusion, skipping missions in a Traffic Rider game can offer advantages like exploring other missions. Skipping missions can reduce frustration, enhance accessibility, and adjust various player preferences, making the game more enjoyable. However, keep practicing again and again and try to pass challenging missions without skipping. 

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