How to Unlock all Bikes in Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a famous bike racing game that attracts people like motorbikes and bike racing worldwide. It has thirty-four (34) most incredible bikes. It allows users to choose their favorite bike after unlocking to play the game with its impressive and stunning game modes. Moreover, it also allows users many customization options to customize and upgrade their motorbikes by paying gold, money, coins and more on their behalf to increase the gaming experience.

How to Unlock all Bikes in Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider has many realistic motorbikes to engage the user’s interest in the game. Players cannot use all bikes by using the official version of this game because all are unlocked. The players can unlock these motorbikes with game currencies like gold, money, cash, and coins. This article will tell you how to earn currency and unlock bikes by following the steps below.

Unlock all Bikes in Traffic Rider

How to Earn Coins and Gold to Unlock All Bikes?

Complete the Challenging Missions

In this racing game, ninety-plus (90) challenging missions are available, taking the entertainment to the next level. After passing the mission before time, you will earn $1000; if you pass the stage before twenty seconds, you will earn one gold coin. So, complete the various missions and levels on time and get coins and gold.

Ride the Bike on a Two-Way Traffic Track

The two-way road is more complex and challenging than the one-way track, where the rider faces traffic on both sides. When the riders play the game on a two-way track, the vehicles come on their way into two sides, and they will get more points, coins, and gold after winning the game. 

Overtake Bike with other Vehicles

The Traffic Rider Apk allows players to ride their bikes over 100kph and overtake them as closely as possible without colliding with other vehicles and getting more points and money. So, ride the motorcycle carefully while overtaking it and make unlimited money to unlock other motorbikes.

Daily Achievements

Participate in different daily challenges to complete the daily achievements, and get a chance to win a reward such as cash, gold, and coins, which will help you unlock other bikes. 

Get Daily Bonus

The Traffic Rider App provides many opportunities to their users to gain their coins and gold on a daily basis. Open and play the game on a daily basis; you will get a daily bonus: on the first day, one gold; on the second day, 1000 coins and one gold; on the third day, 2000 coins and one gold; and so on.

Unlock All Bikes After Getting Gold and Coins 

  • After getting the gold and coins, click the “Garage” option.
  • You will see various types of stunning and realistic motorbikes.
  • Click on any motorbike you want to unlock. 
  • The price will show off this bike to unlock.
  • Click on the “Buy” button.
  • The bike will unlock.
  • Apply the same steps to unlock other bikes.
  • After unlocking, you can choose any motorbike to play the game in different game modes with various challenging missions.
  • Moreover, upgrade the motorbikes for better performance.

Download The Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Download the Traffic Rider Mod Apk on your Android devices and get all bikes unlocked effortlessly. In the mod version, the third-party developer unlocks all the motorbikes for free. Moreover, it also offers unlimited coins, gold, and cash free of cost to upgrade or unlock other missions and motorbikes.

What are the controls for Traffic Riders?


  • Tilt
  • Buttons
  • Handlebar
  • Gamepad


  • Auto


  • Manual
  • Auto


Yes, collect the gold and cash after winning the game by passing the challenging missions, or download the modified version of this game to get all bikes unlocked.


In conclusion, unlocking all the bikes in Traffic Rider can be an exciting and rewarding journey for players. Following the strategies and tips mentioned in the above section can help to unlock all bikes and enhance the gaming experience. After unlocking the skilled motorbike, play the game in challenging levels to earn gold and coins.

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