10 Tips and Tricks to Become a Master at Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Traffic Rider Mod Apk is one of the best racing games with thirty-four (34) types of stunning and realistic motorbikes. It allows users to choose their favorite bike to play the game with its outstanding and incredible game modes. Moreover, it will enable users many customization options to customize and upgrade their motorbikes according to the level of difficulty and increase the gaming experience.

Traffic Rider has four game modes, including Career Mode, Endless Mode, Time Trial, and Free Ride; each mode is demanding and challenging with others. It also has lovely roads like Highway, City, Desert, and Winter, with beautiful and colorful backgrounds to engage users’ interest in the game.

Focus on the Road 

First thing, focus on the road and find the obstacles to save yourself. If the player learns the road then they will win the game and no one can beat them. Learning the road is the key to success in this game to know where the road is curving and at what point the traffic flows.

Maintain Speed

As we know, to win this game and move on to the next level the player should maintain the speed of their motorbikes to reach the final point because there is a time period. If the player rides the bike slowly the chance of winning decreases, so ride the bike as fast as possible and maintain the speed so that win the game and gold to unlock and upgrade other bikes.

Use the Brake

Breaking is an important skill in this game, anyone doesn’t know how to apply brakes and how much pressure to apply while they are riding their motorbike up to 200 KPH. So, apply brakes carefully when any vehicle comes on your track or any other obstacle comes suddenly. The players can also upgrade the brake from the garage.

Upgrade Motorbike

Upgrading motorbikes is another important aspect to become the best rider and win difficult stages easily. The game allows users to upgrade the motorbike’s race, handle, brake, and more to enhance the speed. After upgrading the motorbike, the speed will increase and the player passes this level.

Overtake Other Vehicles

In this game players can make more money by overtaking the other vehicles as closely as possible without colliding. The players will ride the motorbikes over 100kph and overtake them as closely as possible without colliding with other vehicles and getting more points and money so, ride the motorcycle carefully while overtaking.

Use Power-Ups

The Traffic Rider supports players with various power-ups, including speed boosts. Consequently, make frequent use of these power-ups to boost your bike’s speed and swiftly conquer different levels. The players can get power-ups by unlocking daily rewards or using unlimited coins, gold, and cash.

Focus Oncoming Traffic

When the player plays the game in any game mode by choosing the two-way traffic, they should completely focus on the road to focus oncoming traffic. Two-way tracks are more difficult than others because the traffic comes from both sides and the player saves the bike not colliding with them.

Ride Bike Up To 100 KPH

One more important thing about this mode is if the player rides their motorbike up to 100 kph for 10 seconds continuously they will get five seconds more time as a bonus. This feature is the best that helps to win easily on time. So, upgrade the bike and ride safely up to this speed and get more time.

Avoid Colliding 

When you ride the bike in Time Trial mode then focus on the road track and don’t collide with other vehicles otherwise you will die in the game. So, don’t see here and there while playing the game so as to crash the bike.

Keep Practice

Practice makes the man perfect, so to win the challenging level and mission easily, keep on practicing again and again and know how to apply brakes, race, and turn the bike. If you know these things no one can beat you and you can become a master.


In conclusion, follow the above tips and tricks to become the perfect rider in the Traffic Rider Mod Apk. We hope these steps will help you to pass the challenging mission and difficult stages in seconds. To win other missions, keep practicing again and again and apply these steps. 

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