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What is a Traffic Rider Old Version?

Traffic Rider is a famous bike racing game that attracts bike lovers and bike racers worldwide. It was published and developed by SKgames and released on Jan 11, 2016. Traffic Rider is one of the best games in the racing genre, along with thirty-plus most incredible bikes. It allows users to choose their favorite bike to play the game with its impressive and stunning game modes. 

Traffic Rider’s old version has four game modes: Career Mode, Endless Mode, Time Trial, and Free Ride. Each game mode has good-looking tracks, such as Highways, Desert, City, and Winter, with Magnificent scenery around the roads to engage the user’s interest. It also gives users permission to customize and upgrade their motorbikes on their behalf to increase the gaming experience. 

Traffic Rider Old Version

While playing the game, traffic Rider Apk offers three possibilities to control the bike easily, like steering, throttle, and gear. It has smooth gameplay, and users can easily control their bikes while playing the game. Ride the bike carefully, and get more points by overtaking your motorbike with the other vehicles as near as possible. Reach the final point or final destination as soon as possible and earn money, cash, gold, and more, and get a chance to unlock and upgrade other motorbikes and stages.

Features of Traffic Rider Old Version

  • The features of the Traffic Rider Old version are given in the below section.

Challenging Game Modes

Career Mode

The career mode is the most challenging game mode of the old version and contains ninety-plus challenging missions, which the players will pass. By playing in this mode, the players have a specific time to reach the ending point, and they will win the game and go on to the next level. Remember, do not collide with other vehicles; otherwise, the game will start again at the starting point.

Endless Mode

This never-ending game mode allows players to ride motorbikes through cities, deserts, snow areas, and more without hassle. In this mode, there is no time limit no and no ending point, and riders ride their bikes to become the best riders. Players can choose the traffic way, like two-way or one-way, to play the game and ride the bike as fast as possible without colliding with other cars.

Time Trial Mode

By choosing the time trial game mode, the users have a specific time to play and win the game. The players will reach the ending point of winning the game in thirty seconds to get money and cash. So, ride the motorbike carefully without colliding with other cars, reach the final point, and go on to the next level. 

Free Ride

This mode is like training mode; there is no vehicle on the road, and the players can ride the motorbikes as fast as they can without hassle. The players will learn how to play and control the motorbike in the game in this mode.

Stunning Bikes Collection

The old version contains thirty-plus realistic and beautiful motorbikes for players’ entertainment with different racing skills, colors, sizes, etc. It allows players to upgrade and customize their bikes from the garage to pass the tough levels easily. Players can choose any stunning and skilled bike to play the game in any game mode in any condition.

Excellent and Challenging Level

The old version contains various levels, like Highway, Desert, City, and Winter, to play the game with different challenges. You will see that each level has beautiful and eye-catching graphics around the roads and various obstacles to enhance the user’s interest. Moreover, it also allows you to choose different views like Moon, Evening, and Night for entertainment.

Difficult and Challenging Missions

In the career mode, ninety (90) plus missions are available with unique challenges and colorful graphics. When the players pass the first mission, they will automatically go on to the next task with different challenges. After passing the mission before time, riders will earn $1000; if they pass the stage before twenty seconds, they will make one gold coin.

Traffic Rider Old Version

Various Options to Control the Bikes


  • Tilt
  • Buttons
  • Handlebar
  • Gamepad


  • Auto


  • Manual
  • Auto

3D Graphic and Sound 

The graphics of the Traffic Rider old version are beautiful and responsive and engage users worldwide. Many stages with their impressive, colorful graphics and eye-catching views are available. The sound of the motorbikes and other vehicles also looks natural, making an accelerator sound like a heavy bike, which makes this game more exciting.

Play Game and Win Prizes

Players who play the game and pass the challenging levels will get gold, chas, and coins after winning and a chance to unlock other bikes and missions. So, play the game carefully, ride the bike as fast as possible to reach the ending points, and win the prize to unlock and upgrade the motorbikes.

How to Play Traffic Rider Old Version on Smartphones?

  • Open the game after completing the installation on your devices.
  • Touch the screen to start.
  • The interface of this racing game will appear.
  • Choose the bike from the garage and make changes in power, handle, brake, color, sticker, and more if you want.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Choose the game mode, including Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride, and click the “Next” Button.
  • Select the mission where you want to play. In career mode, 90+ missions are available.
  • After this, click on the “Next” button the game will start.
  • On the bottom right, you have a race button to ride the bike; on the bottom left, you have a brake button to stop the bike.
  • Speed meter, time, and other setting options are available in the top right corner.
  • Ride the bike as fast as possible and reach in time to the final destination to avoid colliding with other vehicles to win the game.

Disadvantage of Traffic Rider Old Version

  • Older versions might lack the latest features, game modes, and customization options available in newer releases.
  • The old version may not work properly.
  • Older versions might have a limited number of levels and challenges.
  • Older versions may not receive updates or bug fixes.

We recommend you always download the latest and updated version of Traffic Rider to play with new features unavailable on the old version.

It was published and developed by SKgames and released on Jan 11, 2016.

Yes, it is free to download and play, and the players can play the game with various bikes in different challenging modes.

Yes, you play this game without an internet connection.

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