Traffic Rider Play Online on PC Without Bluestacks

Do you want to play the Traffic Rider app online without downloading and installing the Bluestacks? If yes, then you are at the right place and we will tell you how to play Traffic Rider online on PC, Mac, and Laptop for free. Say goodbye to downloading the game and embrace the freedom of playing Traffic Rider online multiplayer on your browser.

What is Traffic Rider Online?

This is a fully unlocked online version of the Traffic Rider game that can be played with an internet connection with multiplayer from worldwide to enhance the gaming experience. The gameplay of this game on the browser is the same as the mobile game. There is no need for any experience to play the game online.

First, the players choose the motorbike and then they choose the mission where they want to play. After this click on the play button and the game will start and enjoy it.

How to Play Traffic Rider Online?

Follow the below instructions to play this online on a PC browser.

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Go to
  • The users can log in with their Gmail account if they want otherwise ignore this.
  • Now, click on the Play Now button.
  • Wait for loading, it will take a few seconds.
  • After loading the game, the home screen of the game will be displayed.
  • Click on the next button and enjoy the game without downloading and installing.

Control Buttons of Motorbike


  • For Race W
  • For Break S
  • Turn Left A
  • Turn Right D


  • Left click: Accelerate.
  • Right-click: Brake.
  • Feature of Traffic Rider Online

Challenging Game Modes

Traffic Rider has four game modes which are given in the below.

Career Mode: This game mode contains ninety (90) complex and challenging missions for users. In this mode, players will pass or reach the ending point in a specific time period to win the game. 

Endless Mode: In this game mode there is no ending point, and the player will ride their bike as fast as possible in different conditions like Moon, Evening, and Night. The player rides the bike fast for a long time without colliding with another vehicle to earn the gold and cash.

Time Trial: By playing the game in this mode you will pass the level or reach the final destination in a specific time that this mode provides. If you don’t reach the ending point of this game, then you will lose, and the game will start again.

Free Ride: In this mode vehicles are not run on the roads and the players can ride the bike in various locations. Players can also change traffic density to low or high by playing the game in the free-ride mode. 

Online Multiplayer

If the player wants to play the Traffic Rider game with other players or friends worldwide they should play this online because the online version provides this feature. Playing with multiplayer is a great source of entertainment and enhances the gaming experience because each player has unique skills to ride that will be helpful for you after playing in multiplayer mode.

Challenging Missions 

In the career game mode, ninety-plus (90+) challenging missions are available, taking the entertainment to the next level. By choosing the career mode in this game, you will pass all the challenging missions and each has obstacles and you will earn cash and gold after winning the game.

Many Realistic Bikes

In the online version many immersive motorbikes are available that players can choose to play the game. Each motorbike has excellent riding skills like race, brake, handle, colors, sizes, and more to easily pass the various challenging stages. 

Easy to Play

The online gameplay of the Traffic Rider is easy like Android and iOS devices and the player can easily ride their bike in various stages like highways, deserts, cities, and winter by using the keyboard buttons. Moreover, it also supports multiple languages, making it more accessible to choose the language you understand. 

Upgrade the Bikes

The online version also provides an opportunity to upgrade motorbikes which will help players to pass the challenging missions quickly. The users can upgrade the power, handle, brakes, colors, and more for free of their motorbikes.


Is Traffic Rider online free to play? 

Yes, the Traffic Rider online is completely free to play and you don’t need to pay money.

Can I race with my friends in Traffic Rider?

Yes, by playing in the multiplayer game mode you can play with your friends. 

Which Browser Is Needed For Traffic Riders Online?

You can play this game online with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers.


Traffic Rider Online is also an exciting and thriller version where the users play the game without installation on their PC, Mac, and  Laptop free of cost. The online gameplay is also simple and interesting like a mobile device and the player can ride the bike by using the mouse buttons and keyboard buttons. The online version also gives an amazing gaming experience

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